Advantages of LED Lights for the Environment


Light emitting diodes or LEDs are a technology that has gained popularity with users for the ability to use energy more efficiently. In addition to using energy more effectively, users of LEDs also save energy in other ways such as in the reduction of air conditioning expenses. LED lights have an efficiency of more than 80% compared to other lightings. They only waste 5% of the drawn energy as heat, the rest is converted to light. Additionally, LEDs draw much less power. They only produce a fraction of the heat that is produced by incandescent lights. LED lights last longer than other lights hence helping in the reduction of carbon emissions. All these combined results in massive savings on lighting costs. In addition to energy efficiency, LED lighting has many other advantages that make it an Eco-friendly choice.

LED lights have no toxic elements. Most of the fluorescent lights that contain toxic elements such as mercury, LED is free of these. When disposed of, the toxic elements result in environmental degradation. Authorities will require that the disposal of such lights be done by a registered carrier. This results in more costs for the user. If one uses LED lights, then they are saved the costs of disposing of the lights through a registered waste carrier. Additionally, the environment will not be damaged by the toxic elements.

Most types of lighting emit light in all directions. This leads to the light going to areas where it is not needed, leading much wastage. LEDs Lights, on the other hand, emit light in one direction and distribute the light in a better quality and less wastage. Since no light is wasted in a direction not required, fewer LED lights will produce a lighting equivalent to several fluorescent lights. This is friendly to the environment as there will be less energy consumption.

To save more by using LED lights, PIR Security Flood Lights only light up when they are required. These types of LED floodlights are activated by motion meaning that when there is no movement they will not emit light.

It is the responsibility of every person to take care of the environment. So, when you switch to Eco-friendly LED lighting, you are playing your part in conserving the environment. LED Bulbs, a leading UK LED supplier, supplies all energy light saving solutions from GU10 LEDs, Commercial lights and High Bay Lighting. Visit them today and buy some energy saving lights.